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Country Club of Billerica


CCB is a full-service 18-hole public golf course with pro shop, golf range, banquet hall and bar & grille amenities.


Business Cards, Web Site, Gift & Member Card Services, E-Commerce, E-Application for Employment & Social Media Promotion, Gift & Member Card Services, Promotional Pieces, Tri-Fold Brochure, Course & Food Photography, Grille Menu

Project Brief:

The Country Club of Billerica has been a client for over 17 years, with their existing identity having gone through multiple iterations as their facility amenities evolved and updated.  Most golf and banquet marketing pieces were done singularly over time, while I emphasized bringing their branding together more and more as a consistent identity along the way. A separate look needed to be developed for their bar & grille.

problem & solution scope:

CCB’s demographic age varies widely from 80’s to teens, and marketing materials needed to appeal to both golfers and event and party planners looking for function hall services.  Utilized easy to read fonts along with golf and banquet slider graphics to appeal to both audiences.

Management was struggling to find enough help for multiple positions within the club and their paper-based application process was slow and limiting.  I pitched an online application form that would be promoted through social media, and this solution proved to be quicker, easier, and brought in far more applicants than their prior process.

Staff was struggling to coordinate event and tournament planning booking. I set up shared Google calendars and provided tech support and training on the system between all staff members for effective use and coordination.