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Sienna Dolce


Sienna Dolce honey company was started by an 11 year old beekeeper, and supplies local raw honey and honey products and packages to local communities.


Business Cards, print banner, Facebook page with supporting graphics, social media post graphics, letterhead, product labels, specialty product identifier stickers, custom product tags.

Project Brief:

This project was of the sweetest kind.  We wanted to keep an all-natural feel to their identity since beekeepers are so passionate about protecting the bees that offer them their livelihood.  We began with a label design for honey jars, developed a generic sticker for multiple product packages, specialty stickers for honey variety identification, and moved onto letterhead, info card, and large format print banner design for their farmers market tent.  We’ve been adding custom designed social media posts and graphics for markets and holiday product offerings ever since, as needed.  The customer engagement has won many repeat customers in the honey loving local community.