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School Specialty  |  Think Math!


Think Math! engages grades k-5 students with a hands-on approach to learning math.


Think Math! packaging design, including exterior box, internal tote, supplemental flip charts and two additional tab designs to existing system.

Project Brief:

School specialty contracted me to design this packaging for k-5 math students and teachers of the Think Math! learning system. I was supplied with existing system artwork and logo along with some already created tab artwork. I designed the packaging to match existing system design standards, and completed the packaging system as a whole.

Problem & Solution Scope:

With each grade utilizing a different set of books and cards, there needed to be a way to differentiate each grade easily when packaged without needing a different box design for each system.  We created a set of unique grade identifying stickers to set on each box to denote its grade package. This solution worked well and helped keep costs down.